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Ever-improving search technology promises that we won’t have to think about organizing our files anymore—but we’ve all gotten stuck looking for that important file whose name and location we can’t remember. This 20-minute presentation will make the case for Browsability, not just Searchability, and will give you some practical tips for managing files in your own projects. Time will be available for Q&A. Topics include: 

  • Naming conventions, and choosing the right one for (parts of) your project 
  • Practices you should avoid in order to ensure interoperability and convenience 
  • The best way to record a calendar date in a filename (and in machine-readable data) 


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This workshop is part of Love Data Week! Check out the entire lineup at: https://lovedatapgh.io/.

Friday, February 17, 2023
12:30pm - 1:00pm
Dealing with Data, Digital Scholarship Workshop/Presentation

Registration is required. There are 13 seats available.

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Dominic Bordelon