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Guest Presenter: 
Brian Riordan, School of Music

Real-time electronic music presents a fascinating opportunity for manipulating data to produce different sonic results. In the past, this genre was created exclusively in the studio. Recently, a floodgate of new hardware interfaces for musical expression gave laptop performers newer and better ways to control software with hardware on stage in front of an audience. Music, at its core, is a means of communication, and computers offer ways of enhancing interconnection. My presentation will demonstrate three real-time approaches to manipulating computer data to produce electronic sounds. I will begin with a demonstration using the laptop as an instrument using the programming environment Max/MSP. Next, I will perform a short improvisation using an iPad as a controller, which uses a custom-built interface. Finally, I will expand the presentation into a group workshop by inviting several audience members to participate with their laptops. By connecting to the wi-fi, the participants can perform electronic music as a group using a URL that I will generate for the workshop.


This workshop is part of Love Data Week! Check out the entire lineup at: https://lovedatapgh.io/.

Friday, February 17, 2023
3:00pm - 4:00pm
Open Lab @ Hillman, 1st Floor
Brian Riordan, School of Music
Digital Scholarship Workshop/Presentation
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Dominic Bordelon