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In July 2018, the East Asian Library (EAL) of the University of Pittsburgh Library System (ULS) initiated the Contemporary Chinese Village Gazetteer Data (CCVG Data) project to create an open-access online dataset of statistics extracted from Chinese village gazetteers (村志). CCVG Data is an ongoing project. So far, about 307,760 value data from 1,500 villages were extracted and opened for access and download. This unique initiative has produced a dataset of significant value to the humanities and social sciences based on Chinese village gazetteers, which includes quantitative and qualitative critical to supporting contemporary Chinese studies in fields including politics, economics, sociology, environmental science, history, and public health, etc. This presentation will start with a review of the background of initiating the project, followed by a presentation and demonstration on data extraction procedures, data structure, data dictionary, downloading instructions, as well as the user interactive platform, etc. The current stage and the final goal of the project will be discussed as well.


This talk is part of Love Data Week—see the entire lineup at https://lovedatapgh.io/!


Friday, February 18, 2022
10:00am - 11:00am
Haihui Zhang, Head, East Asian Library, and lead for the Contemporary Chinese Village Gazeteer Data project; Prof. Daqing He, Associate Chair, Department of Informatics and Networked Systems; and Ruoyun Zheng, Project Coordinator of the Student Team
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Haihui Zhang
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Dominic Bordelon